Migrant loan

  • OFW (with Working visa)
  • Immigrant / Resident Naturalized Citizen

Untitled-2Requirements: (clear scan copy)OFWinner-300x271

  • Coe with compensation / contract, company ID
  • Passport and w/ latest exit & arrival stamp
  • Valid visa / work permit
  • Payslips (latest 3 months)
  • Letter of intent / Authorization (For loan application), Properly filled-out Online Application form , Signed downloadable PN / DS



Principal Borrower:

  • Spouse / Common-law with children
  • parents / siblings
  • (Requirements)-Basic Documentary requirements, Latest Proof of remittance


  • Relative with income

basic details

  • loanable amount: we approve P50,000 up to P250,000
  • 2 days process

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